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Welcome to the USA!

I may have beaten a personal record for finding myself in some kind of trouble on a holiday, and found a new way to kill the time between connecting flights at airports.

I Arrived at San Francisco this morning and was detained by customs for further questioning (ok detained is a perhaps a little dramatic). Going through the first customs check, was told that a 'bad person' shares the same name as me (turns out Jones is a fairly common surname), and that I would need to go to their secondary processing section so they could verify I was not the 'bad person', and it shouldn't take too long at all since the 'bad person' was a male, and I clearly was not, so it should be fairly quick.

An hour and half later I was set free "Welcome to the United States Miss Jones".....

Have now arrived in New York, our apartment is just on the corner of Broadway. We have already had our first NY pizza slice, and given it is 1.22am NY time and we have each had about 5 hrs sleep, time to call it a night and see what the city has to offer tomorrow...

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