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Escaping the cold - the Met and the Rangers

sunny -4 °C

Today we absorbed to very different pieces of American culture, first up the Met (full name Metropolitan Museum of Art).

It is unbelievable how big this place is, it doesn't even look that big from the outside, but once inside there a wings upon wings.

We wandered through for about 3 hrs and would have been lucky to see half of the place. For me the highlights were the modern art wings, with pieces by Andy Warhol, van Gough and Monet to name few. Also very cool was the weapon and armory section, and the guitar heroes special exhibit, some awesome locally made guitars on display.

Having absorbed enough of the fine arts, we dumbed down our cultural offering for the evening by attending the hockey at Madison SquaRe Garden. We managed to score some pretty cool tickets only a couple of bays back from the rink earlier in the morning, at what turned out to be a discount price. the vibe was totally different to the knicks last night, but was equally as entertaining. Unfortunately the Rangers lost, however fortunately I had not bought any Rangers merchandise before the game.




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Statue of Liberty, Strawberry Fields, and The Knicks

sunny 9 °C

Up early this morning to get a warm brekky in before taking in the sights of Manhattan from a boat on the Harbour. With today being one of the coldest we have had so far, the wind on the harbour was a wee bit icy to say the least.

The cruise took us up to meet the Statue of Liberty (nice lady, doesn't talk much though) which is not as big as I expected for some reason.

Following the cruise we thawed out at a nice little Italian restaurant on 9th Ave. Walking back up 9th we could see why one of our tour guides on the bus we took the other day recommended it for good food - definitely heading back down there for a bite to eat before we leave.

After lunch I went and wandered up to Strawberry Fields in Central Park (have still seen less than half the park despite 2 trips s far) whilst Thea and Andew did some more shopping on 5th Ave.

We braved the subway to head down to Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks play, wearing my #7 Carmelo Anthony t-shirt (don't worry, I had to google him too after I had bought the shirt to see who I was cheering for). Great arena, and even though we were in the nose-bleed the view was still pretty good. For the record the Knicks won, quite easily in the end.

We decided we wanted a pizza slice on the way home, so instead of catching the subway back we walked the 20 or so blocks in-5 degrees temperature, only to not stumble across a pizza joint until we were one block from home!

Whilst today started and ended very chilly, it was quite nice during the day, with Thea even describing it as "warm". Tomorrow, we will not be so lucky that it will "warm-up" during the day, with it expected to stay well below 0 ALL day, therefore it is a Museum day for us, and hopefully we can score tickets to the Rangers.






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Empire State Building and Chicago

sunny 7 °C

Today was fine and sunny (though here that means very chilly - max of about 7 not allowing for wind chill) so we headed up the top of the Empire State building. The view was amazing. From on the ground it really is difficult to grasp how big this city is, but from up there the stretches beyond the horizon, and you then realise that in the 3 days here we have seen so much yet still so little.

After a quick lunch on broadway we went up and visited Nike Town - 5 stories of everything Nike! Shoes were amazingly cheap, unfortunately none in a size 11.

The evening was a night of firsts - first NY burger (very good - ranks up there with Fergburger in Queenstown), then off to a Broadway Musical (my first ever musical). We decided to go with a classic, Chicago, taking advantage of the half price tickets they sell everyday at the booths in time square. The show was everything I thought a Broadway musical would be, very slick production with extremely talented performers, some big musical numbers, and some boring bits where the jet lag (my excuse) sets in and it was tempting to nod off briefly. That being said, I did enjoy it, and am even considering going to another show if we get the time.





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Jonesy goes shopping

rain 13 °C

After spending the morning on the bus heading downtown, we wandered a bit through East Village which is a university and fashion district. We touched on Chinatown though didn't really spend any time there and after lunch we walked about 40 blocks back uptown.

On the way we went past Lincoln Square, the Flatiron building, the NY public library and the Empire State building. As the weather was rainy and not ver clear, we decided not to go up the Empire State - maybe tomorrow.

We then hit 5th Avenue and did a bit of shopping. As someone who generally hates shopping, I found it remarkably easy to spend a decent amount of money today - sunglasses, a ring at Tiffany's and a new wallet. After the watch yesterday, my bank account has taken a battering! We also ducked into Abercrombie and Fitch, and it did not take long to figure out why there was a crowd always hanging around the front of the shop - had something to do with the half naked male model standing at the entrance. Just about every staff member in there was a model, so no wonder it was the busiest of all the shops we went into today.

Shopped had enough of walking, we called it a day and headed for dinner. Had the BEST dark chocolate soufflé!







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Scratching the surface


We decided to jump on one of the hop-on-hop-off buses to get a feel for where everything is and an overview of the city.

After cruising through the Upper West Side, Harlem and Uppe East Side, we jumped off the bus and wandered through Central Park for a while. We must have been in there for over an hour and barely covered a quarter of the park it is so big.

There were obvious traces of recen snowfalls still around, and the ponds in the park were still iced over for the most part, unfortunately (or fortunately as far as my elbow is concerned) they were not frozen enough to ice-skate on.

After the park we walked down Broadway through Time Square, and did a little shopping at Macy's which is huge, though not big enough to stock a jacket in Andrews size despite 3 levels of mens clothing. They did, however, stock a wide variety of watches, one of which is on its way home with me.

Quiet dinner at a brewery (food average, beer OK), and day one is over. Tomorrow we hit downtown


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